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    Examples of events in a Sentence

  • इसके उदाहरण event
    1. The city is providing special event shuttles on the Fourth of July.
    2. That's the strongest table I've ever seen at a European Poker Tour event
    3. As a witness to the event, I can confirm that he really said that.
    4. The advertisers [ … ] got a nice mix of celebrity and wonkery, but the dinner had the feeling of an artifact, not of a contemporary event.
    5. His story just doesn't add up. Why would he have been at the restaurant the day before the event?
    6. The event deepened the prevailing gloom.
    7. If you want to make a splash at the event, do something especially memorable.
    8. “In the event of congestion, the half percent of people who are overutilizing an excessive amount of capacity will be slowed down subtly until capacity is restored,” the chief technology officer for Comcast, Tony G. Werner, said.
    9. Don't run off before the end of the event.
  • इसके उदाहरण events
    1. Introspectability cannot be the mark of the mental because one can introspect physical states, like indigestion or other internal physical events in the body.
    2. We'll keep across this story for you as the events unfold.
    3. The Matchmaking Festival provided social events for these lonely-hearted pilgrims, and allowed local personages to keep undesirables away from their daughters.
    4. In many ways, his is the story of the second world war in the Pacific – a conflict overshadowed by memorialisation of events in Europe.
    5. A better understanding of the pathogenic events leading to dementia in variant TTR meningovascular amyloidosis may lead to novel treatment strategies for this debilitating and fatal disease.
    6. The producers do their best to edit bland events into comic minibites, but those mostly look lame and forced.
    7. The E6 oncoproteins from high-risk mucosotrophic HPVs (α-HPVs) target not only P53, but also a range of host-cell proteins for proteasome-mediated degradation, resulting in alteration of multiple cellular and molecular events [ 99 - 101 ].
    8. This has resulted in the identification of over five thousand new transcriptional multiexonic events in human and/or chimpanzee that are not observed in the rest of species.
    9. In general, those life events taking place early off-time have greater negative impact than those taking place late off-time.

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  1. fr évents
  2. en event
  3. fr évent
  4. en evens
  5. en vents
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