दिन के शब्द
  1. संज्ञा (Noun)
    • Something not expected.
    • (attributive) Unexpected.
    • The feeling that something unexpected has happened.
    • (obsolete) A dish covered with a crust of raised pastry, but with no other contents.
  2. क्रिया (Verb)
    • (transitive) To cause (someone) to feel unusually alarmed or delighted.
    • (transitive) To do something to (a person) that they are not expecting, as a surprise.
    • (intransitive) To undergo or witness something unexpected.
    • (intransitive) To cause surprise.
    • (transitive) To attack unexpectedly.
    • (transitive) To take unawares.
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  • I'm just trynna make a little money here.